Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ivory Filter Flask: 3/19/13 edition

Good morning! Between March 12 and March 18, there were 18 academic positions posted on the C&EN Jobs website. The numbers:

Total number of ads: 18
- Postdocs: 3
- Tenure-track faculty:  4
- Temporary faculty: 5
- Lecturer positions:  3
- Staff positions:  3
- US/non-US: 16/2

Atlanta, GA: Georgia Tech is searching for a postdoc for the laboratory of Prof. Stefan France; "The postdoctoral researcher will develop synthetic organic methodology focused on novel targets in Chemical Origins of Life."

Los Angeles, CA: UCLA is hiring for a postdoctoral Cram Teacher/Scholar position; pays $53,000. Wow.

Reno, NV: Desert Research Institute is looking for a research professor for a position analyzing trace organic contaminants in the environment. They seem to have an interesting business model, according to their advertisement:
With more than 500 employees and two main campuses in Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada, DRI generates nearly $50 million in total annual revenue.  As part of a non-teaching, research- and product-driven organization, DRI's faculty members are entrepreneurial, and responsible for their own salaries from external grants and contracts.

New York, NY: Columbia University is looking for an "associate in discipline"; the position calls for a B.S. chemistry. Looks to be a teaching position of some sort.

Gallatin, TN: Volunteer State Community College wishes to hire a M.S. chemist to be an instructor of chemistry.

Princeton, NJ: Princeton is looking to hire a postdoc for the synthesis of nanomaterials: "The candidate is expected to have demonstrated proficiency in the synthesis and characterization (i.e., TEM, SEM, DLS, quantitative analysis of the data) of novel nanoscale materials, including metallic nanoparticles and semiconducting nanocrystals. The candidate should be highly self-motivated. He/she will be developing new nanoparticle-based probes and will use these new probes to explore molecular processes in living systems."


  1. As attractive as that UCLA salary sounds, don't forget that studios in and around the area can go for $1500+ per month. You can find cheaper if you're willing to drive through LA traffic every day.

  2. Why do I get the feeling that anyone UCLA views as having a "stellar research record" will have not so much desire to go be a teaching oriented fellow/postdoc and those who would actually like to be teaching oriented fellows/postdoc will have a less than "stellar research record". I guess they are looking for the needle in the haystack. And probably will find, I mean, just look how awesome they are, seriously, its in the job description, seriously.


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