Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world..."

In my inbox, just now:
Madeleine Jacobs
Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer 
March 2013 
Dear Colleague: 
You have been randomly selected to participate in the 2013 annual ACS Comprehensive Employment Survey. This survey has tracked chemical employment and salaries for nearly four decades. 
This annual survey is conducted under the guidance of the ACS Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs (CEPA). The data are an integral part of understanding the changing employment patterns of chemical professionals. The data help populate both the ACS Salary Comparator as well as the ACS Employment Dashboard. Your participation is essential regardless of your current employment status. 
All data will be reported in the aggregate and your responses will be strictly confidential. Questionnaires have a survey control number that facilitates the data collection process, enabling us to remove your name from the mailing list when your questionnaire is returned. Your name will never be directly connected to the findings...
 Happy to help.


  1. My RSS feed didn't show enough lines of text to give context, so I thought that Maddie was finally sending goons after you.

  2. @CJ: Got the same "invitation"...are you going to fill it out? It (sadly) reminds me that I am back to earning what I was 5 years ago (had some job transitions since 2008).

    1. Yes, I did. For all the crap I give the Salary Survey and its response rate, it would be a little bit hypocritical not to...

  3. I didn't receive an invitation. Should I feel snubbed? Having also gone through transitions in the past few years, I'm now earning what I did in 1999.

  4. To use the Southern vernacular, I got all ya'll beat. I make less now as an associate professor and department chair at a PUI than I did as a lab coordinator at a research university in 1998. And, I get to fill out the salary survey too!


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