Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Daily Pump Trap: 3/5/13 edition

Good morning! Between February 28 and March 4, 27 new positions were posted on C&EN Jobs. Of these, 9 (33%) were academically connected.

Kalamazoo, MI: Kalsec is a flavor extraction company; they're hiring for a process development-type. M.S. in chemistry or chemical engineering desired.

The Woodlands, TX: CESI desires a Ph.D. physical chemist to research oilfield chemistry: "Knowledge and understanding of surfactant chemistry, microemulsions, emulsions, dispersions and related characterization techniques are highly desirable."

Livermore, CA: Sandia National Laboratories desires a postdoctoral researcher in organic/inorganic synthesis. Sounds national defense-related.

Irvine, CA: Allergan is looking for a physical organic chemist to study drug degradation in tabletting formulations, etc. They've got rafts and rafts of descriptions of all the things they'd like this person to be able to do, requirements and there's this:
The position requires a Ph.D. with 0-2 years relevant experience, at least 6 years specific experience with a Masters degree, or at least 10 years specific experience with Bachelors in Physical Organic Chemistry. Pharmaceutical Sciences/ Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Material Science, or Chemical Engineering.  
Experience in pharmaceutical pre-formulation development is preferred.
Why are you asking for a Ph.D. with no experience?

Memphis, TN: American Snuff Company wishes to hire a B.S./M.S. chemist with 3+ years experience for analysis of smokeless tobacco products.

Dayton, OH: Can anyone, anywhere explain this postdoc to me? Applicants with a PhD in materials science or related discipline with appropriate skill sets and aptitude are encouraged to apply.
UES, Inc. is seeking a PostDoc to provide research and development for AFRL for a new initiative in origami structure and mechanism design. The successful candidate will collaborate with researchers at AFRL to develop a design framework while satisfying prescribed requirements and constructing sytheseis method(s) based on origami mathematics. Will work closely with an origamist to develop origami design methodologies. Will develop new materials systems of DoD relevance in conjunction with the DoD and the broader scientific community. 
Requirements: Experience on structure/mechanism design, FEM, topology optimization, and/or compliant mechanism.
Here's what I want to know. Is someone snowing DoD? Origamist? Really?

ACS NOLA Career Fair Watch: 3M is looking, seems like. 29 positions for the Career Fair, 1 for the Virtual Career Fair. 


  1. Ugh, that feeling you get when a job you have already applied for pops up on chemjobber lol.

  2. I cannot say enough good things about Kalsec, Inc. - if I was done with my PhD, I'd be applying for that job. Let's just say there is a beer tasting every week for that position. :D (BTW - worked there in '08)


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