Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ivory Filter Flask: 8/14/12 edition

Good morning! Between August 7 and August 13, there were 22 new academic positions posted on the ACS Careers website. The numbers:

Total number of ads: 22
- Postdocs: 3
- Tenure-track faculty:  18
- Temporary faculty: 0
- Lecturer positions:  1
- Staff positions:  0
- Ratio of US/non-US positions: 17 / 5

It's fall recruiting season!: Lots of positions, and more coming.

Auburn, AL: Auburn University is searching for an assistant professor of organic or organometallic chemistry for fall of 2013.

Rockville, MD: Montgomery College is a two-year college; they're looking for full-time faculty for general chemistry; M.S./Ph.D. desired.

The City So Nice: New York University is hiring for a faculty position in its Biomedical Chemistry Institute; applications for junior and senior positions accepted. Columbia University is searching for a junior or senior faculty position, no specialty specified.

Santa Barbara, CA: UC-Santa Barbara is hiring for a lecturer position, starting at 64.9k. Gee, that pretty much sounds ideal, doesn't it?

Spokane, WA: Whitworth University is hiring an assistant professor of analytical chemistry to start Fall 2013. Psst: What's a "high through-put HPLC system with autosampler"?

Cultural Learnings of Chemistry for Make Benefit...: Nazabayev University (in Astana, Kazakhstan) is looking for an assistant or associate professor of inorganic chemistry. Housing provided! Vacation allowance! And:
Incoming faculty can expect western style and traditional cultural living experience similar to any midsize North American or European cosmopolitan city including a rich and vibrant atmosphere which includes excellent clubs and restaurants, theater, music , opera, dancing, art museums, modern or traditional bazaar shopping, professional and amateur sports, recreation, and much more.
Well, sign me up!


  1. Re: UCSB Letureship

    After taxes, rent, and gas money, the lecturer's net monthly savings will be $10...woo hoo!!!

    Re: Kazakhstan job

    Veryyy niiice...veryyy niiice...

  2. The Borat job sounds nice in terms of benefits, but my wife told me that dodgy countries are out of the question for work... Plus you can get all those same benefits in Edmonton with exactly the same climate.

  3. I would not joke about the Kazach job - they are extremely unbelievably rich and setting up an chemistry program must be their national priority since all their money comes from fossil fuels and minerals. It could be like working for Saudis without the Wahabi kingdom intolerant nonsense. Lots of lush natural beauty in Alma-Ata mountains. The only drawback is that Astana is frigging cold place to live - I believe it is the country capital with lowest average temperatures. So for a young single adventurous man who does not mind learning an oriental language, this could be a pretty sweet deal.

  4. If by oriental language you mean Russian... as I doubt the language of the glorious Borat tribe is spoken widely in the capital. You could probably get around with Russian. Kazakh is probably less wide-spread in Astana than Ukrainian in Kiev, but who knows. Besides according to FIFA, Kazakhstan is part of Europe, so it doesn't sound too oriental. According to Wikipedia Astana is second coldest capital in the world after Ulaan-Bator. Wikepedia also confirms that climate-wise it is depressingly like Edmonton.

    However, the last also has lots of oil and it's part of Canada, so it still sort of gets my vote. You forgot the drawback of being in a non-free state, even if it's at Singapore level as opposed to North Korea. I'll run it by the wife and emphasize her Turkic origins and her chance to rediscover them in the glorious land of Nazarbaev... but it doesn't look good. You're right that maybe for a single person it could be a good deal.


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