Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Who could resist?


  1. I don't know what kind of fancy high falutin post-dos this refers to. Why, in my day, the cookie plate at seminars was pretty small and we never had free pizza in group meetings.

    But that was the way it was and we liked it, dagnabbit!

  2. Hrm...seems I could make up something similar about adjuncting.

  3. Everything except the ungrateful grad student bit seems spot on. It should be "leadership of starving, abused grad students" and one of the benefits is abusing the grad students.

  4. "As much cheap beer as you can afford"...or your liver can stand.

    A future so bright and encouraging that you imagine working at an urban convenience store with longing for the job safety and security.

    You can join a clique! It's just like high school, including the sexual desperation and (lack of) social intelligence, but with more languages.

    Remember, the group's success is YOUR responsibility. You may not get the credit if its research succeeds (unless it gets a Nobel, in which case you might get something), but you will get the blame if it fails, or if the dumb senior graduate student decides to play "How hard can I grind ten grams of organic perchlorate before it blows up?".

    You can also waste hours watching movies of the postdoc with no results playing with your favorite elastomer and reviewing the copious literature on said elastomer.


    Our cookie plates at seminar were good, but we didn't usually get free pizza unless we knew a grad student who was escaping. I did manage to get some good meals accidentally wandering in to postgrading groups, but that's probably not available to postdocs unless they're completely useless or very interested in teaching.