Monday, August 6, 2012

#WWWTP?: ChemDraw can do better

I don't mind ads, I really don't. However, I find this banner ad from ChemDraw annoying. (I like their product a lot, don't get me wrong.) The structural weirdness (no such structure exists on SciFinder) is annoying*, and the PPE choices are all wrong, IMHO.

There's a disconnect between product developers for chemists and chemistry and their marketing departments -- this is another good example of this phenomenon.

*Yes, it is possible that our masked-but-not-goggled friend was in the process of drawing trinitrotoluene. 


  1. So you are OK with "try a free trial"?

  2. CJ - dude, I think Paul Bracher hacked your blog.

    Also, the text for those nitro groups is backwards because _____ ?

  3. lol @ above.

    I think the atom labels are backwards because the ad is trying to make it appear as though the guy is writing on a transparent surface. The PPE, "try a free trial", and choice of hyphenation in the slogan are all amusing.

  4. Hello, MS Paint....

  5. Oh, I guess that would make sense. For some reason, I thought he was meant to appear as holding that curious molecule by the methyl group. With so much other goofiness in the ad, it just seemed to fit.

    If you want to see a good WWWTP, try a Google search for "caprolactam" and look at Google's blurb in the column to the right. I guess whatever script Google uses to extract data from Wikipedia needs some work?

  6. It's easy; one would need a surgical mask at a bare minimum to ward off that unholy amount of resonance energy just itching to turn that sucker aromatic (right after which the product explodes).

  7. Since the worst ads end up being redistributed through free channels, they may be more effective. Chemists tend to write off the marketing people who do these things, but do they also write off the fundamental product that is advertised? If not, then it's just exposure and laughing at artists who wouldn't know better.


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