Thursday, August 2, 2012

Daily Pump Trap: 8/2/12 edition

Good morning! Between July 31 and August 1, there were 46 new position posted on the ACS Careers website. Of these, 2 (4%) were academically connected and 9 (20%) were from Kelly Scientific Resources.

Rockleigh, NJ: Takasago International is searching for a B.S. chemist for a position as an account manager. 2+ years in the aroma/flavors/chemical industry desired.

Foster City, CA: Gilead Sciences is looking for 3 process chemists, 2 Ph.D. (experienced) and one B.S./M.S. associate position.

Irvine, CA: Could someone tell me what Edwards Lifesciences is about? They're looking for a M.S. organic chemist for a position doing something with heart valve therapy:
Edwards Lifesciences is the global leader in the science of heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring....
...This position performs optimization studies on new chemical tissue processes. Involved in the development of new analytical methods and test procedures. Job duties involve approximately 80% technical and 20% administrative functions. Performs other related duties as assigned or requested. 
...Additional key responsibilities may include:
- Runs, supports, and supervises tissue testing and evaluation of various chemical processes. Both novel functional group assays and standard biochemical testing of tissue and solutions will be required.- May involve some animal testing and explanted sample evaluation. Minor biomechanical evaluations can be expected... 
MS organic chemistry with 1-2 years experience preferred. BA/BS degree with 4-6 years experience or a combination of additional year’s related experience and coursework may substitute for the masters degree. Chemical engineer or industrial Analytical chemistry degree would also be considered with the appropriate experience. 
...Must have experience with the following laboratory methods equipment:
- Bench experience with synthetic organic chemistry principles and reaction methods
- High Performance Liquid Chromatography
- LC/Triple-Quadrapole Mass Spectrometry, etc... (goes on further w/analytical techniques)
OK, so they want an organic chemist, with a strong analytical background to do some tissue testing and biochemistry... and they're willing to consider a chemical engineer. Huh?

San Diego, CA: Takeda San Diego is hiring a medicinal chemist; looks to be a Ph.D. position, but it's not actually mentioned.

Warrington, PA: Polysciences is hiring an entry-level B.S./M.S. synthetic chemist for an organic/polymer position. 40-50k salary.

ACS Philly Career Fair watch: 9 positions for the Virtual Career Fair, 50 for the Philly Career Fair.


  1. This isn't by far the most nonsensical job ad out there. Look at this gem:

    "Your familiarity with chemical hygiene plans and current laboratory safety standards will apply to the job of Sr. Chemist Scientist. In this role you will follow the prescribed safety rules and regulations in performing assigned duties and assist lower-level technicians in these areas. You will also apply theories, principals and practices to the research and development of new and improved products, processes and procedures.
    An undergraduate degree in Science, Engineering or similar discipline is required. Must also have 4 years of related experience. Completion of a Masters and PH d in Science and Engineering is preferred."

    This is the entire job description.

    1. Did they really misspell principles in that job ad? Maybe they should have asked if you want to worth with cretins.

    2. Yep, it's a direct quote. Truth be told, it is not a common mistake, not nearly as common as "principle scientist".

    3. LOLiburton....

    4. nmc, isn't it time that you told me your story? I'd love to hear it. E-mail me at chemjobber -at- gmaildotcom. Confidentiality guaranteed.

  2. so this is the world outside of Med chem and petrochems. so this sounds like they need someone to do something more than cell staining. and that person probably needs to make some non standard solutions, and not be freaked out by it. most of the biology work is kit based...some folks are horrible without protocols. I'd guess they put synthetic chem on their hoping to get someone whose seen a lot of different types of molecules, not just reactions. honestly a well trained analytical person can do that job if they've worked with biochemists, not molecular biologists.

    1. I did a lot of tissue sectioning and staining in a past life (2 summers worth); I agree that the tasks of the position aren't beyond a chemist... and I doubt that they're beyond a biologist as well.

      But it's 3 different fields there: biology, organic chemistry and analytical chemistry? Sounds like you need an analytical chemist, first of all, and one with a strong biology background.

      Oh, what do I know. So that's why I wanted to get someone's input on the position.

  3. i was agreeing with you, actually. from the disparate pieces a good organic analytical chemist would do well in that job. however, the supervisors come out of biology backgrounds, so they show hesitancy with non-standard solutions. i know a smaller competitor. i think they threw in the synthesis chemists b/c the person will need to be comfortable with nonaqueous things. also, Edwards may be more used to biomechanical and chemical engineers...screws, plates, plastics would be there forte. sorry if i came across as snarky. i tend to think of companies like this as nontraditional to chemistry; typically they only see us as QC drones.

    1. Oh, no, I wasn't offended at all, and I apologize if you thought I was. Thanks for your opinion.

  4. @CJ: Dude, are you going to be at the Midwest Regional Meeting of the ACS in October? It's going to be held in Omaha. Hopefully the Career Fair (assuming there's going to be one) won't have that ghetto dry-erase board!

    1. Ack -- that's the second time you've asked that question. Apologies for not answer the first time.

      Sadly, no. Too far, no vacation.


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