Thursday, March 5, 2015

Daily Pump Trap: 3/5/15 edition

A few of the positions posted at C&EN Jobs this past week:

Camden, SC: Yet another Invista position, this time for a Ph.D. research scientist.

Foster City, CA: A small bolus of Gilead positions, including a B.S./M.S. med chem position. 

Carlstadt, NJ: This B.S./M.S./Ph.D. chemist position working on security inks is really interesting. Industrial experience needed.

Lafayette, IN: Evonik has posted a R&D project manager position that requires a B.S. and 2 years of experience. I find that fascinating (in the sense that a 24 year old seems a bit young), but hey, if they can do the job, why not?

Huh?: These "JVG Media Services DMCC" positions seem sort of weird -- I wonder what's going on there. 

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