Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday LOLs: Proud to be a "pot boiler"

From See Arr Oh, a funny ad from 2025:
Experience: Qualified candidates should have 5+ years previous experience in chemistry, mechanical engineering, or robosynthesis. Ideally, you'll have completed 10 (or more) previous multi-step total syntheses using 3D-Flow ModuloChem-XLs.
The skills test will no doubt be cutting ten perfect lengths of HPLC tubing. Also, will the interview be done in machine language, Mandarin or Kituba?

Also, from C&EN Onion (alt-motto: "this blog is funny, so CJ can quit trying to be"):
...An article in the journal Science, describing the development of what is in effect a cyborg post-doc, prompted an initially peaceful protest outside the chemistry department under placards carrying the slogans KEEP NATURAL PRODUCT SYNTHESIS NATURAL, SUZUKI COUPLINGS ARE CHEATING and GIVE ME C–H ACTIVATION OR GIVE ME DEATH. However, witnesses described a marked increase in tension after the arrival of a counter-demonstration of inorganic chemists, who taunted their organic counterparts with highly charged epithets including "pot-boiler" and "column monkey"....
I'm glad to have left my column monkey days behind, but I am damned proud to be a pot boiler.

Have a great weekend! 

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