Monday, March 9, 2015

The blog has a voicemail/SMS number now

I know that we all hate voicemail (and I do too), but I couldn't resist taking the opportunity to give the blog a voicemail number. So here it is:

(302) 313-6257 

Have fun, I think. We'll see what happens here.

(And yes, there is the possibility of audio from phone call ending up on the blog, so be aware.)

UPDATE: Holy crap you can text.
UPDATE 2: Oh, man, you guys are awesome. Loving the voicemails. 


  1. @CJ: Wow! As with so many banks, you must be livin' large to afford a Delaware area code ;-)

  2. Oh, crap! Is CJ a Delaware Corporation? They are supposed to be People, too!

    1. Heh. My choices were a Delaware or a Kentucky area code, I chose Delaware because of the chemistry connection.


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