Monday, March 2, 2015

Why place matters

From an anonymous reader, a Boston-area Amgen recruiting billboard. I have seen this for coders, but never for "biotech professionals."

(Of course, I've only lived in one of BioSpace's "hotbeds.")

(12 "hotbeds"?!?!? You gotta be kidding me.) 


  1. The question in my mind is: how long is the average PhD hire last there before being let go?

    I'm just thinking now with all the PhD's continually produced and the collapse of jobs available that what could be happening is that Amgen continually culls the "unproductive" hires from the herd, and replaces them with new hires from the best schools to see if they get the golden child to save the company.

  2. I recall a similar billboard, for BioMarin, in 2009/10 on the 101 going into San Fran.

  3. That particular billboard (across from Biogen in Cambridge) is always occupied by a pharma/biotech ad - last year it was Serono for instance. Except for one time when there was a Greyhound ad there (hopefully the implication wasn't "Get away as fast as you can from here").

  4. Maybe Amgen should place a similar billboard outside their former Seattle Campus with the statement "Now Firing Biotech Professionals"

  5. Yeah, I used to take a shuttle past that billboard every day, and as Ash (Wavefunction) mentioned Serono had that for a while. Although with them laying off much of their Billerica site a recruiting poster would be a touch ironic.

    And to NMH's point, for that particular location it sounds from a friend there like they're doing just fine for retention; there are many other sites which are facing / have faced big cutbacks, but they're adding on headcount in the Cambridge office. Guess it's the allure of Kendall square.