Monday, March 9, 2015

Your initial candidates for the president of the ACS

Also from Susan Ainsworth's article:
The Committee on Nominations & Elections (N&E) laid the groundwork for the council last fall when it prepared a slate of nominees for the office of ACS president-elect for 2016. The four nominees are: 
G. Bryan Balazs, an associate program leader at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, Calif.; 
Allison A. Campbell, associate laboratory director of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory, Richland, Wash.; 
David J. Lohse, a retired distinguished research associate in ExxonMobil Research & Engineering’s Corporate Strategic Research Labs, Annandale, N.J.;
Christopher J. Welch, science lead for analytical chemistry in Merck Research Laboratories’ Department of Process & Analytical Chemistry, Rahway, N.J.
The blog is not unfamiliar with Dr. Balazs; I hope he gets to run again for the full election.

UPDATE: You may be interested in reading the candidate statements, which begin around page 19 of the Council minutes. 

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