Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ivory Filter Flask: 3/10/15 edition

A few of the academic positions posted on the C&EN Jobs website recently:

Siloam Springs, AR: John Brown University is searching for an assistant professor in chemistry, more towards the general/inorganic/analytical side.

Fresno, CA: The State Center Community College District is searching for a B.S./M.S./Ph.D. chemist to be a chemistry instructor at Reedley College; $53,483 – $80,521 offered.

St. Paul, MN: Bethel University is looking for an assistant professor of chemistry.

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland: NUI Galway desires a lecturer in inorganic chemistry.

Evanston, IL: This administrator position at Northwestern University is interesting; 60-70k offered.

And the VAP positions: Emory and Wake Forest looking for VAPs. (To read reader concerns and warnings on VAP positions, see here and here.


  1. You missed the TT one in March Madness country. (Gonzaga)

  2. Comment #1: The slogan on the ACS/C&E News website for job adverts reads "Quality Jobs, Quality Chemists". And yet, they are advertizing VAP job openings: zero job security, higher workloads than TT/tenured faculty, lower pay and, for the majority of the people who take such jobs out of desperation, a certain level of stigma, i.e. their "marketability" for long-term job openings diminishes.

    Comment #2: a lot of consumers rely on anonymous consumer critique websites in making their purchases, e.g. "Yelp" or "Amazon". It would be in the interests of both academic consumers (i.e., undergrads and grads) and academic employees (us) for a website which would rate university/college chemistry departments according to the fraction of classes which are taught by TT/tenured vs contingent faculty.


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