Friday, March 13, 2015

Protips on burying a body

When you set out to bury a body (figuratively speaking, of course):
  • Don't talk to anyone about how to bury the body. 
  • Go into a room, think to yourself "how best to bury this body without anyone else coming to harm?"
  • Don't tell anyone your plan. 
  • Don't ask someone for the SOP for burying bodies. 
  • Don't talk to the internal regulatory manager that bears legal responsibility for making sure that people don't bury bodies on their watch. 
  • Don't ask for the form to fill out to bury the body. 
  • Don't tell your direct reports about your plans to bury the body. 
  • Don't let your direct reports e-mail each other about your plans to bury the body. 
When you set out to bury a body, get a shovel, dig a hole and bury the body. That is all. 


  1. Unless you have access to lye, then go ahead and add that to the hole before filling it back in.

  2. Do call in The Wolf. He is a pro at disposing of unwanted corpses.

  3. and then he takes a young lady to breakfast...

    1. But then he refuses to offer you a ride home.

    2. You're the motherfucker that should be on brain detail!

  4. CJ: are you sure that you don't work for the government? :-)


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