Thursday, August 16, 2012

How's the Philadelphia ACS Career Fair going?

I understand that there are employers that have yet to post their positions, but I thought it might be interesting to see where next week's ACS Career Fair is stacking up.

Fall 2010, Boston, (8/23/10, Monday of meeting): 206 positions posted.
Fall 2011, Denver, (8/25/11, Thursday before meeting): 189 positions posted.
Spring 2012, San Diego, (3/22/12, Thursday before meeting): 49 positions posted.
Fall 2012, Philadelphia (today, Thursday before meeting): 116 positions posted.

So, we're not doing too badly. Hopefully lots more to come. Best of luck to all! 


  1. I know that this doesn't help the great majority of you out there ... but I am going to use the Academic Employment Initiative to scope out potential faculty candidates for a position we've got ...

  2. Hopefully you won't be the only one. The AEI had a pretty dismal reputation when I was on the academic job market six years ago, and I haven't heard anything about it since then that would change my perception. I attended it in 2006 but didn't feel like I had gotten anything out of it; barely any representatives from hiring committees were there.

  3. I saw Paul from Chembark at the one last year. I have been curious about it too but i keep punting for my own job search...

  4. When looking at the list, it seems San Diego is the outlier. Is it really doing so much worse than Boston, Denver, or Philly?

  5. San Diego ACS was fun, but not the best job searching experience...


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