Monday, March 23, 2015

Your morning Food Babe troll

Courtesy of @UnstableIsotope, Food Babe lets her chemophobe flag fly:
For several years, I’ve started my day with warm lemon water and cayenne pepper. Lemon water is very alkaline and can stimulate the liver. It can change your taste buds so you don’t crave sugary foods, and instead crave alkaline ones like fruits and vegetables. The cayenne pepper has been proven to boost your metabolism. But both of those ingredients together strengthen the immune system. I’ve gotten fewer colds because of following this habit. An acidic body promotes disease and inflammation. I try to make my diet mostly alkaline. And with water, you want to make sure it’s not contaminated. Unfortunately, our water is contaminated with everything from chlorine to fluoride.... 
...There are people who want to keep the chemicals in our food and keep us dependent on chemicals. They’re chemical activists. I am a consumer activist. I think we can empower ourselves with this information. You don’t have to be a nutritionist or scientist to know how to eat. We have the ability to empower ourselves. And the people who are speaking out are saying that we can’t empower ourselves. They assume that we are too stupid to figure this out....
I'm proud to be a chemical activist. 


  1. If she craves an alkaline diet, I suggest she start her day with a Drano cocktail.

    (I actually saw someone do that once. Once. Not pretty.)

  2. Luckily, we need to assume nothing about her intelligence. She has provided all the necessary evidence for us to draw a reasoned conclusion.

  3. "Lemon water is very alkaline" *facepalm*

    But I checked to make sure...

  4. It seems as if the people are just chemical idiots. Perhaps she should go to Canada and help with the TiCl4 incident. She may learn something.

  5. Alkaline/acid?

    Give her a break, pH math is hard.

  6. does this mean she will never consume a chemical again? we'll be free from her potent brand of idiocy in only a couple of weeks...

  7. Food Babe is the true and indomitable Sarah Palin of nutrition.

    Where she probably got the notion of alkaline lemons: When you consume food that contain lots of potassium in the form of salts of organic acids, i.e. citrus fruit, the carboxylic acid part ends up metabolized all the way to CO2 and bicarbonate. The net effect is that it can help to counter things like lactic acidosis. (But if you have acidosis you should probably be in emergency room rather than eating lemons.)

    It is always like this with health cranks: they take one simple concept (alkaline pH is good, it hydrates cells better), they exaggerate it and combine it strong dumb opinions unbiased by any information, add a hefty dose of paranoia (the things the government officials and big pharma do not want you to about) and presto - they write books about miracle cure, which they also conveniently happen to sell for just 79.99 a month.

  8. She should live in a vacuum capsule. Can't believe she's popular being stupid.

  9. Unfortunately, our water is contaminated with everything from chlorine to fluoride....

    So, not only should we not fluoridate our water, we shouldn't even treat it to purify it? As the link says, "chlorination is used to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases such as cholera, dysentery, jaundice, typhoid..."

    That... yeah, that says a lot all right.

    1. She also advocates for the drinking of unpasteurized milk and went as far as to promote a person who endorses DIY infant formula made with it.

      And somehow she published a book, is on a signing tour, and has a tv show in development.

  10. Maybe we should just let the chemophobes drink a gallon of distilled water. It's pure ;)

  11. Lemon water is alkaline? What?

    Calling her moronic is an insult to morons everywhere.

  12. I also try to be a common sense activist.


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