Friday, August 14, 2015

Boston open thread

Anyone want to plug anything at ACS Boston?

A few things come to mind:
Friends of the blog Integrated Chemistry Design (makers of Asteris and ChyrisDraw) will be at booth #1225 at the expo. 

Wish I could be there! Maybe in San Diego?

(If Chemjobber readers decide to have a get-together in the comments to the post, do take a picture and send it.)

Update: A few chances to meet fotb Organometallica. Also, I understand there will be a chemistry Twitter meetup on Monday night. 



  2. Yuppp. Check out hashtag #ACSBoston or ask me if you want to be involved in the tweetup.

  3. I'll be jumping between talks in ORGN, AGRO, MEDI, and INOR. Tweet at me, and I'll write something entertaining.