Sunday, August 2, 2015

Job posting: petrochemical testing chemist, Philadelphia, PA

Via Reddit:
Hello, we are hiring a chemist or two in New Jersey, just south of Philadelphia. We do testing on petrochemicals such as crude oil, jet fuel, diesel, gasoline, and heating oil. If you are interested, please apply at the link below and send me a message letting me know a bit about yourself. Please note the chemist position is for an experienced chemist with 5+ years experience. 
We also have a technician spot open for new or less experienced chemists. You can apply on the same site and I'll have your information. Thank you!
Link here. Best wishes to those interested.  


  1. Very misleading post title, but I guess it's a good strategy. Ideally, you should rope 'em in with "Philly Chemist Job" and wait until they've accepted an offer before revealing it's in NJ.

  2. That area is a suburb, and an inner one. Almost all Philly-area chemist jobs today are in the burbs, whether they're at R&D centers or plants.

  3. I always wanted to work on QC analysis of diesel and jet fuel on rotating shift basis that includes weekend work with partially-paid overtime. Especially in Bridgeport NJ. With a job like this, sky is the limit.

  4. Suburb south of Philly? Hopefully that means Cherry Hill, and not Camden :-(