Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ivory Filter Flask: 8/11/15 edition

A few of the academically connected positions posted on C&EN Jobs: 

Pittsburgh, PA: Duquesne University wishes to hire an assistant professor of organic chemistry. 

Wooster, OH: The College of Wooster is looking for two assistant professors of analytical and inorganic chemistry ("Applicants with experience and interest in polymers, organometallics, or mass spectrometry, and those who can contribute toward the College’s Environmental Studies Program, are particularly encouraged to apply.")

Tucson, AZ: Interesting bioanalytical position at Arizona's "Center for Integrative Medicine." It's part-time at the moment for $27,500.00, to be doubled to 55,000.00 pending funding. Ummmmmmm. 

Appleton, WI: Laurence University is looking for an assistant professor of general/inorganic chemistry.

Williamstown, MA: Williams College is looking for a M.S./Ph.D. chemist to be a full-time instrumentation specialist. (Do you really need a national search for this?) \

Windsor, ON: The University of Windsor is searching for a professor of environmental chemistry at any rank. 


  1. Williams doesn't really need to do a national search, they could probably get a good cross-section of candidates by just sticking cardboard signs up in Cambridge and Amherst. In crayon, no less.

    For those unfamiliar with The Village, Williamstown is a pleasant and relatively quiet (bucolic) college (mostly undergraduate) town of about 7,000 (of which students number around 2,100) near a depressed former industrial center (North Adams) in NW Massachusetts. Being in the Hoosic river valley, the winters and wind tend to be fairly mild, although driving in the winter can occasionally be a little dicey. There is nice hiking to be had if you want to brave the risks of Lyme disease, and sometimes some skiing. You're a short walk from the Vermont border (and the towns of Bennington and Pownal) and a short drive from the NY state border - about three hours away from Boston and three hours away from NYC. It's about 1.5 hours away from Albany. The area probably boasts more art museum per capita than anywhere else in the Americas and at least used to get the occasional big name actor for summer stock theater. That said, other than occasional events at the college there isn't a great deal to do, outside of work. Social life is rather hard on singles moving to the area.

    Tucson has some things going for it including some excellent food and an environment that claims to be supportive of the arts. The university is the state's mid-size model, and used to be the state's main research university. Owing to some complex in-state politics and the machinations of the Board of Regents - who have discovered that profit and politics go hand-in-hand, there has been a shift of resources towards the state's less academically competitive mass sheepskin factory in Tempe. Owing at least partly to former governor Janet Napolitano's "Spend it all now" mentality before the Great Recession (she is now head of the University of California system, where her first actions were to increase chancellor pay by $90,000/year and try to increase student tuition by 5%/year - good luck with her, CA), state funding has dried up owing to massive debt, to the extent that region-critical programs do not receive *any* funding. Pima County and Tucson being heavily mismanaged by the Big Democrat Machine, the area has some difficulty retaining industry and attracting companies in, but seems to have an outsized number of restaurant and food start-ups. Most "actual" enterprise has been relocating in Marana, north of town, and many residents have been moving south and eastwards to smaller communities. Being a large city not far from the border and on both the I-10 and Nogales freeways, there is a fairly high level of related crime. Summers are hot (expect routine 100-110 degrees F.) with frequent - sometimes heavy - rains during the "monsoon" season (July-August).

  2. What do you want to bet it's not "It's part-time at the moment for $27,500.00"?

    1. The ad says it's half-time.