Friday, August 21, 2015

Job post: director of life sciences, ACSH (job description revised)

Friend of the blog Josh Bloom sends a revised version of this job description to the inbox: 
Director of Life Sciences (revised 8/20/15)
The American Council on Science and Health is looking for a Director of Life Sciences. 
We are a 37-year old 501(c)3 non-profit  organization. Our mission is to debunk junk science and medicine, especially as it pertains to public education and policymaking.
The ideal candidate will:
  • Have a Ph.D. in biology (required)
  • Experience in molecular biology is essential
  • Expertise in genetic modification is essential; (we routinely write about GM technology, and personalized medicine based on genetic markers...)
  • Microbiology is a plus
  • Have excellent writing, and communication skills
  • Be able to explain complex, technical issues to a broad audience
We are a small, but rapidly growing organization. This means so we all have responsibilities that are in addition to the our primary positions (editing, recruiting, and managing large projects, whatever it takes). 
This is a full time position with benefits. 
This is an in-office job. It will be necessary to work out of our office in Manhattan. On rare occasions, working from home will be appropriate. We are looking for a high energy, imaginative individual who will do whatever is necessary to help us grow. In return, you will have a challenging, exciting and fun job that will have you looking forward to getting to work in the morning. 
Please send CVs and cover letters to: 
Dr. Josh Bloom
Director of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science
Best wishes to those interested.  


  1. ACSH seems really reasonable, especially considering its non-profit status and location. Apparently they think climate change is a load of cobblers, which is always refreshing to see. Obviously this position is mostly going to revolve around defending the use of GMOs in agriculture.

    1. Dammit, one of the few public policy places i could get behind, and they need a degree in molbio. :(


    1. An interesting piece but, as a chemist, that graphic is painfully awful. Substituted ozone? H2O as a substituent is painful enough, but does the P&G molecule really have H3O as a substituent?

    2. Yeah, it's not like it's obvious "Mother Jones' has axes to grind...