Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Daily Pump Trap: 8/18/15 edition

A few of this week's positions posted on C&EN Jobs:

Hanover, NH: Avitide is looking for bioprocess R&D chemists (2-4 years experience desired.) Gotta say, is there any downside to living in Hanover, NH, other than the lack of an MLB team?

Azusa, CA: Norac Pharma is looking for a B.S./M.S. process chemist.

Clark, NJ: L'Oreal posted 9 positions, including a raw material R&D scientist position (all levels of education, 1-6 years experience desired.)

Hannibal, MO: BASF has a QA/QC managerial position open. M.S./Ph.D. with experience desired.

New York, NY: Interesting that Roche is hiring a PK/PD postdoc - I wonder what happens to these folks.

Wasco, CA: Who knew there were fermentation process R&D managers? B.S. and 3+ years experience desired.

Wuhan/Shanghai, China: QR Pharma has posted a variety of positions for those interested in working in China.

ACS Boston Career Fair watch: The final count is was 224 positions. I'd cut that down by 14, considering that's how many were posted by ACS. (Juicing the stats? Maybe a little.)


  1. The fermentation process R&D position - I don't think the company has thought this through. You're not likely to find undergraduates with experimental design expertise, for a start. And process improvement and optimization? No. Ain't going to happen. Maybe if the B.S. graduate was in industrial engineering and took some grad-level courses... in which case s/he is probably not interested in fermentation processes or microbiology and will not have had the relevant experience.

    "Gotta say, is there any downside to living in Hanover, NH, other than the lack of an MLB team?" Well, Dartmouth isn't for everyone. Also, aren't you awfully close to the People's Republic of Vermont?

  2. Hanover is a wonderful place to live, but it can be a difficult location for couples when both are looking for careers there (very rural area).

    1. That's true of a lot of New England.

  3. QR Pharma is apparently not looking for candidates to have Chinese language skills, even though I'm sure there's a fair number of potential hires from the PRC with the qualifications in question. I guess this is in some ways becoming more commonplace.