Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Daily Pump Trap: 8/11/15 edition

A few of the positions posted on C&EN Jobs recently:

Northboro, MA: St. Gobain looking for a senior polymer research engineer at all levels of education; experience desired.

Cambridge, MA: Moderna looking for senior research associates for their process group. I love the title: "mRNA innovator." I also love that it's a B.S. chemist position, 0-2 years experience. (Zeroes!)

(Also love that they advertise the Kendall Square location.)

Is it Boston Week, or what?: Cambridge Isotopes looking for someone to manage their international sales - who knew there were regulatory controls on exports of solvents?

Carlsbad, CA: Verdezyne looking for a senior process development chemist; looks to be extraction-oriented.

Bayport, TX: Albemarle looking for a process/product development engineer.

Greenville, NC: New startup company looking for a senior flavoring chemist.

ACS Boston Career Fair watch: 173 positions listed.  


  1. St. Gobain is the magic mountain from which all your tubings used in the lab spring up, be it vinyl, latex, black rubber or silicone. Hence the emphasis on the experience with elastomers.

  2. http://verdezyne.com/company/management-team/

    There is no way Verdezyne's CFO's last name is Conn. No way.