Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ivory Filter Flask: 8/18/15 edition

A few of this week's academically-related positions in C&EN Jobs:

Latest update: There are 108 positions on the joint ChemBark/Chemjobber 2016 faculty jobs list.

Lubbock, TX: Texas Tech University is looking for an assistant professor of chemistry, specializing in "experimental soft matter." Associate/full professor applications would be entertained.

New York, NY: NYU is looking for a professor in experimental physical or biophysical chemistry as part of its  Laboratory for Molecular Nanoscience; all levels entertained, but they expect to hire an assistant professor.

College Station, TX: Texas A&M has an all-areas, all-ranks ad out.

Middlebury, VT: Middlebury College is looking for a laboratory instructor for a 3.5 year appointment; wonder where people go after they take this position. M.S./Ph.D. desired.

Auburn, AL: Auburn's School of Pharmacy has an ad for a synthetic/medicinal postdoctoral position.

Philadelphia, PA: The University of the Sciences is looking for an assistant professor of organic or inorganic chemistry.

Stanford, CA: Stanford has 2 openings for staff radiochemists; B.S. in chemistry minimum. 


  1. I believe the Middlebury, VT position was previously posted in the 7/14/15 "Ivory Filter Flask" - there are some comments about it there.

    1. Sure is/was: http://chemjobber.blogspot.com/2015/07/ivory-filter-flask-71415-edition.html?showComment=1436892141823#c1939600222153728982