Monday, August 17, 2015

ChemBark: The 2016 Chemistry Faculty Openings List

ChemBark and I are collating all available US/Canadian tenure-track positions in chemistry in 2016. They have to meet 3 criteria:
  • tenure-track faculty positions with anticipated start dates in 2016
  • in chemistry departments or with a focus on chemistry
  • at institutions in the United States or Canada
(Obviously, there will be interesting edge cases as to what gets included here.) 

Our/my hope is to make things easier for people who are applying. Click here to see the list of current positions at ChemBark; here is the current list in downloadable spreadsheet format.

Please send Paul (paul at or I ( new listings, unlisted positions or corrections. 

Finally, I want to note that this was 100% Paul's idea and I'm honored to be recruited for the effort. 


  1. Great initiative. Thank you for doing this.

  2. I don't see those two organic faculty plum jobs at Scripps FL on dat list

  3. Would have been useful back when I needed it.

    Would be very useful if there were a mechanism for it to get updated with anonymous tips about the progress of searches (phone/skype, onsites, rejects, offers, etc.)

  4. Wesleyan, Molecular Biophysics not on the list.

  5. It is a relief to not have to sift through all of the adjunct and VAP adverts which are posted on the commercial websites.

  6. This is super useful. Please do it again next year!