Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Interesting contest from the Division of Organic Chemistry

A pretty interesting idea from the Division of Organic Chemistry:
Create a 2-3 minute video that conveys the value of Organic Division Membership. 
Prizes: Five (5) Awards of up to $1,500 for travel reimbursement to the 2016 ACS Spring Meeting in San Diego. One prize will be awarded for each winning video submission–collaborating video creators will need to determine the funding split. If fewer than 5 submissions are received, the budgeted travel funding will be split among the entries according to the discretion of the Executive Committee of the Division of Organic Chemistry. One award will be granted to the video with the greatest number of page views. Additional award prize categories are dependent on the actual submissions and could include: 
1. Most humorous
2. Most creative
3. Grand Jury Prize 
Qualifying videos will be posted to the ACS DOC YouTube Channel (http://tinyurl.com/ORGNYouTube) for viewing by the public and judges.
Here's a link to the full details of the contest. Best wishes to those interested.

Seems to me that the real value of Organic Division membership is that you can participate in ACS activities related to the Organic Division (the Symposia, that sort of thing.) I sure wish that you got your copy of Organic Syntheses in the mail still. That said, access to the videos from the National Organic Symposium (scroll down) is indeed something of value that I am really happy that DOC has taken on. Definitely worth my $15.

(Say, what would happen if DOC decided to take on a "best practices" advisory role in academic chemical safety? I kid, I kid.) 

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  1. It's worth the paper that Organic Syntheses is printed on.