Friday, August 14, 2015

"Rosie Revere, Engineer": a reading

For a couple of years now, I have been involved with the DIY Science Zone at Geek Girl Con. This is an annual science fiction convention; prominent online science communicator Raychelle Burks has been putting on the Zone, where children (and adults) are invited to interact with hands-on science demonstrations and the like. It's a lot of fun and I have enjoyed participating in it.

We do a lot of fundraising for the Zone for supplies, etc. One of the things we're supposed to do is Acts of Whimsy when we meet certain fundraising goals. Because we reached $1500, I did a dramatic reading a portion of the infamous arsenic life paper.

A commenter noted that the reading was not exactly in the spirit of Geek Girl Con; I agreed and so I convinced someone I know to read a book that is much more relevant to the ideas behind Geek Girl Con and the DIY Sci Zone. The book is "Rosie Revere, Engineer" by Andrea Beaty.

Hope you enjoy. If you feel like donating, here's a link.

(And if you do donate $20 or more and tell me, I will send you a handwritten thank you note and write a post of your choosing.) 


  1. Bravo! Marvellous job! This narrator should be just as proud as Rosie!

    (Heartbreakingly sweet and much more whimsical, CJ.)

  2. This is awesome, and I also appreciate the improved description of the Zone and your involvement with it. Definitely worth supporting.

  3. Is Rosie any relation to Rush Revere?

  4. Seems cool, I will have to look at a copy for my nieces. Thank you for promoting this book.

  5. For a different view on young women in engineering, click the link below to see the Father Knows Best episode "Betty, Girl Engineer", which aired in April 1956. The good old days were not always so good.

  6. Midwest Chemical Safety coughed up half a yard. I think a dramatic reading of one of Richard Feynman's lectures is in order. And the duck.


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