Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Afternoon fun: scientist fighting game

Madame Curie emits lots of alpha particles, I expect.
Credit: The Verge/ Superinteressante
As you can imagine, it's been a very busy day/week around here, but I did want to mention this super-cute "Scientist Kombat" game, for those of you who may have wasted an hour (or thousand) playing 2-D fighting games. (No game consoles in high school, but I loved Street Fighter and I definitely enjoyed a game of Tekken now and again in college.)

Seems that the Brazilian media site that is running this game has chosen Darwin, Hawking, Einstein, Tesla, Newton, Curie and Pythagoras of Samos. (click here to see gifs). Note that the browser game takes a very long time to load.

I sure would enjoy a historical "Chemist Kombat" game. Who would be the boss? Professor Corey and ability to project chiral oxazaborolidine-coordinated hydrides would be challenging.


  1. The RB Woodward character would throw deadly strychnine capsules and colored chalk.

  2. Alas the Corey character would only be able to shoot them in one direction

  3. Phil Baran could be the Goro to Nicolau's Shang Tsung.

  4. Dirac could quantum teleport around the stage

  5. Corey would have the ability to make his opponent commit suicide.

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