Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Job posting: Associate Scientist/Scientist/Sr. Scientist, Pasadena, CA

From the inbox, a position at Protomer Solutions, a company in Pasadena, CA: 
Protomer Technologies is seeking to fill a position in our new and rapidly growing biotechnology company. We are looking for people who are passionate about biotechnology and improving the world through cutting edge bio-chemical research and technology development. We are a biotechnology company dedicated to alleviating and addressing diabetes through novel bio-engineering and glucose-responsive treatments. 
Desired education and experience level: BS, MS and/or PhD with 0+ years of experience. Compensation and position varies depending on experience level.
Ability to work in molecular biology or chemistry laboratory is a must for all levels. Scientist level position requires expertise in one of: peptide chemistry, protein chemistry or molecular biology. Additional demonstrated expertise in protein engineering is a plus. 
Sr. Scientist requires MS with 5+ or PhD with 3+ years experience. We will consider all applicants with any level of experience and complementary skills. 
Please send your CV directly to contact@protomer.com.
Here's a little media tidbit about them. Best wishes to those interested.  


  1. So, this is close to Pasadena and am just curious as Ph.D how much is OK to put the food on the table? I went to their site not much information there on the people heading this firm other than the fact that they are working on diabetes. Anyone has any clue?

  2. Try sending their contact email a query, in a small startup the CEO probably sees the emails.