Monday, March 28, 2016

This week's C&EN

A few articles from this week's C&EN:
*fixed - thanks, uncle sam! 


  1. Indium C-J, not iridium... and maybe you should say indium oxide supported on zirconia so we have a clearer idea. Temperatures of 200-300C for this kind of system are very good.

  2. '“The fact is organic chemistry textbooks have not changed in 50 years. It’s the same approach,” said Jerome Haky, an organic chemistry professor at Florida Atlantic University who was in the audience.'

    Maybe organic textbooks haven't changed because organic chemistry, at least the fundamentals, haven't changed in 50 years? Fancy metal reagents are all fun and shouty, but really the last big breakthrough in organic chemistry was Barton's work on conformational analysis. Maybe MO stuff, maybe....even that Corey invented decades ago.