Friday, March 25, 2016

Job posting: research associate, 0-5 years, Gilead Sciences, Seattle, WA; also summer intern position

As Research Associate, you will participate in an integrated research team aimed at discovering and synthesizing novel chemical entities for various targets. Under the guidance of an experienced Research Scientist you will be responsible for planning, designing and executing multi-step synthesis pathways toward key target molecules, followed by purification and compound characterization. Communication of results, methods and conclusions to departmental colleagues is essential. Collaboration with colleagues across disciplines, participation in project team meetings, and contribution toward creative problem solving are all encouraged. 
BS or MS in Organic/Medicinal Chemistry
Familiarity with modern chromatographic techniques, including LCMS, flash chromatography and preparative scale HPLC highly preferred.
Familiarity with modern analytical techniques (NMR, IR etc).
A strong interest in medicinal chemistry combined with good laboratory skills
Familiarity with MS Office and ChemDraw required.
Essential: BS degree in Chemistry with no industry experience.
Best wishes to those interested.

UPDATE: Also, a summer intern position at the same Gilead site in Seattle. 

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