Tuesday, March 22, 2016

This week's C&EN

A few stories from this week's Chemical and Engineering News


  1. That Sasol story is old news.

  2. This blog needs a "report post" link for comment spam.

    The Sasol story has me wondering - are there other cases out there where a large chemical company site swallowed up a small town?

  3. On communicating chemistry...

    I was surfing today and somebody I see there often asked me if there's a difference between the same compound "synthesized by nature" versus made in a lab. I think I failed somewhat miserably because I went straight into how like atoms are identical, as are like molecules regardless of their source. I don't know if it went over his head or I was just explaining poorly, but I think it was me. Point was if I pull some compound from a plant and synthesize it in a lab then they're the same thing exact. Should have just said it that way.

  4. Sasol's buyout offer seems generous. If eminent domain was used, the people would have received less.