Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ivory Filter Flask: 3/22/16 edition

A few of the academic positions posted at C&EN Jobs this past week:

Not too many faculty positions recently: Probably not a surprise in March. At some point here, we'll start seeing ads for the Last Minute Lecturer.

Urbana, IL: Speaking of which, UIUC is looking for two organic/general chemistry lecturer/instructors to start as early as May.

Galesburg, IL: Knox College looking for a fall sabbatical replacement; general/organic chemistry instruction desired.

Baltimore, MD: Biology-ish postdoc at Johns Hopkins - what the heck is "molecular engineering?"

Also...: Time-resolved spectroscopy post-doc at UIUC. 


  1. to my knowledge there is no official definition of "molecular engineering" but the University of Chicago has an Institute of Molecular Engineering (

    "Our mission is to translate advances in basic physics, chemistry, biology and computation into new tools to address important societal problems and, to create a research and teaching environment to enhance and transmit these capabilities from scientific generation to generation."

    So basically applied science (and chemistry and the discipline that deals with molecules) to solve problems

  2. I used to call myself a Molecular Engineer back in the States at parties. It always sounded more impressive than 'chemist'. I then described my research in laymen terms if pressed further. Engineer is Latin for 20K salary raise.

    1. Funny, everyone once in a while I would call myself a molecular carpenter.

      (Also, the "Engineer is Latin" bit is quite amusing.)

  3. I often asserted that 'molecule engineer' was a better descriptor, considering the applied nature of undergraduate chemistry training.

  4. Chemical engineering departments have been adding biomolecular to their names for years. Chemicals are scary, whereas molecules are fun.

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