Friday, March 4, 2016

Daily Pump Trap: 3/4/16 edition

A few of the positions posted at C&EN Jobs this week:

Nice to see: lots and lots of positions.

Foster City, CA: Gilead has posted 21 positions, which is great. Wanna be a director of chemical development?

Saint Louis, MO: American Radiolabeled Chemicals, Inc. is looking for experienced synthetic radiochemists. (There must be a specific sub-society for this?)

Wilmington, DE: Incyte has an entry-level Ph.D. medicinal chemistry position open; 0-2 years experience. (Zeroes!)

Carpinteria, CA: Never heard of Trelyst before, but "silicone-based drug delivery" sounds fascinating. 4 positions posted.

Atlanta, GA: Interesting 2 year program with Georgia-Pacific for those with a B.S. in chemistry; curious about that ability to lift 25 pounds, though.

Durham, NC: Been a while since I've seen a RTP medicinal chemistry position around these parts.
Aerie Pharmaceuticals is looking; B.S./M.S. desired.

"New York Metro area": An interesting, mysterious one:
Small public company doing R&D in the field of smart materials is seeking motivitated, independent thinker with a PhD in polymer chemistry to learn all technical aspects of the business.  
5 years experience desired.

A funny question: What is magical about "5 years experience?" You see that term a lot - is it some sort of proxy for "been around a while?" "Been through a business cycle, and a tough six month period"... I dunno. As someone who will be reaching that milestone at some point in the near future, it seems an odd term....

Edwards AFB: ERC is the contracting company that does hiring for the Air Force Research Laboratory's branch at Edwards; they're looking for a B.S. chemist. A good opportunity for those interested in energetic materials, I suspect.

Petersburgh, NY: Taconic is looking for an engineering manager for its PTFE-related materials business. "Bachelor’s degree in Materials Science, Polymer Science, Chemistry, or Chemical Engineering or a related discipline, M.S. preferred."

Louisville, KY: Can someone tell me what working at Hexion in Kentucky is like? Why do they keep reposting this product development chemist position?

2016 San Diego Career Fair watch: 58 positions posted so far.


  1. I would steer clear of that American Radiolabeled Chemicals job. Unless there's been total turnover of the staff (including the CEO) that place is a cesspool. I interviewed there after my postdoc finished and only a couple of people could even be bothered to speak with me. Several others were openly hostile about the whole thing. I realized this was because the CEO played favorites and that if someone was good at something it often led to demotion or firing of another person who wasn't. So doing a job interview meant talking to someone who would be a direct competitor for your job, which is why people didn't welcome me in. Nobody liked the CEO and I gathered that he told people openly that they were bad at their jobs and regularly threatened to fire them if they didn't improve. The lab was a mess and the equipment old, it looked like they had to really be creative in getting things running. The offer he made for the position was $45,000.

    1. Thanks for the fair warning, Skeptic.

  2. I'm guessing Trelyst is an off-shoot of the company Nusil, who manufacture commercial silicone products. I had friends who worked there in college and the majority of the products they worked with were fake boobs.

    1. when he felt lonely in the lab, on long winter afternoons, he tickled his experiments

  3. Dunno what to make of these listings... I've applied to some of these companies multiple times, been rejected (or have had no response), and then I see the listings are still up! STEM shortage, anyone?

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