Monday, March 14, 2016

This week's C&EN

A few of the articles in this week's issue of C&EN:


  1. Regarding the recent rotavap chiller suggestions, I've always expected that purpose-built recirculating chillers (pumping 50:50 ethylene glycol-water) was an absolute standard for research labs. Surely the running cost/efficiency of those trumps any other "manual ice" method.

  2. This works when the vacuum and bath temp are always adjusted to the evaporated solvent. DCM at 20 mmHg is a gas down to -40C and dry ice is the only practical medium to condense it.

    I recall Buchi R-300 has an optional HMI module with this capability. The key word is "optional", which means very few installed rotavaps have it, and it can be easily bypassed.

    Tl;dr: Yes, but only when the circulator, vac pump, and bath are integrated with a difficult-to-bypass dial-by-solvent controller.