Thursday, March 10, 2016

Daily Pump Trap: 3/10/16 edition

A few of the positions available at C&EN Jobs:

New York City, NY: D.E. Shaw has lots of openings; would love to hear what they're up to. Looks like drug discovery is at least a part of it.

Hunt Valley, MD: Sterilex is hiring a formulation chemist; B.S., 0-3 years experience desired.

There it is: PharmAgra Labs (Brevard, NC), back again.

Laurel, MD: The FDA  Center for Veterinary Medicine is looking for a Supervisory Chemist; pays $108,887 to $141,555. Looks to be analytically oriented.

Berkeley, CA: LBNL would like to hire a protein function postdoc.

"Central New Jersey":  Porton USA is looking for analytical and process chemists; looks promising with 8 openings.

San Diego, CA: Lilly is searching for a principal research fellow for protein purification.

San Jose, CA: The Santa Clara Valley Water District is hiring a Chemist I (B.S. chemist) for water testing work; $79,040.00-$101,171.20 salary range. Gee, looks good.

San Diego Career Fair watch: 68 positions posted. 


  1. I, also, would love to know what de shaw is up to. I know it's a serious firm, though my impression is more quant. Very smart people involved, which (i imagine) should lead to something, but unsure if they publish or present at conferences.

    1. I know one person who worked at DE Shaw prior to grad school. He was doing a lot of hardcore MD simulations of GPCRs. He got a lot of pubs out of working there, so they definitely do publish.

  2. By their own words: "We have developed a special-purpose supercomputer capable of simulating biomolecular phenomena that are relevant to the understanding and potential treatment of cancer, diabetes, and a wide variety of other diseases." I think someone in Silicone Valley had just excited them about a tremendous investment opportunity, but they realized they have a lot more money than expertise in this field. I expect some sort of biotech incubator. I think the chemists who go to work there will be in for interesting times.