Saturday, June 27, 2015

A guest poem: "Low lies my natural product", by NeHeNTh

[Hello there, it's CJ, with a guest poem by a respected reader of the blog, NeHeNTh]

AH, broken is the NMR tube!
The miniscule sample contaminated forever!
Spilled on the benchtop! — not even half a milligram
When the grease in the proton is accounted for!
And let the notebook page be smudged —
With the tears of my frustration —
A dirge for the eighteen months of my life
That ever were so wasted!
And, compassionate advisor,
Hast thou no tear?
Weep now or nevermore!
See, on yon Kimwipe
And ethyl acetate-filled Erlenmeyer,
Low lies my natural product.

with apologies, one suspects, to Edgar Allan Poe. 


  1. (subterranean rumble) "That's ALLAN."

    1. Ha! The error was CJ's, and not NeHeNTh. Thank you for catching it.


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