Friday, June 5, 2015

Job posting: Postdoctoral Fellow (Medicinal Chemistry), Crinetics, San Diego, CA

We have an exciting postdoctoral fellowship position available in our company. This individual will join our medicinal chemistry team to discover small molecule therapeutics using medicinal chemistry approaches. This is an excellent opportunity for an organic chemist to learn medicinal chemistry and the strategies of compound-to-drug optimization in a fast-paced industrial environment. 
PhD in Organic Chemistry with strong synthetic chemistry training, self-motivated with proven track record of accomplishments in organic chemistry and excellent oral and written communication skills. Authorization to work in the United States is required. 
Crinetics Pharmaceuticals Inc. ( is an early-stage company located in the heart of the San Diego biotechnology community that discovers and develops novel therapeutics targeting peptide hormone receptors for the treatment of endocrine-related diseases and cancers. Crinetics is an employee-owned company founded and operated by a team of scientists with a proven track record of drug discovery and development for endocrine diseases and women’s health. Benefits include health insurance and stock options. Crinetics is a pet-friendly workplace. 
To apply, please email CV to
Link here. Sounds like it could turn into something more (why not "probationary senior scientist"?). If it's a postdoc, will they be allowed to publish? [ed: Never mind that, CJ, just tell the folks at home, so they can decide.]

As I recall, there's some decent Asian food further on down Mira Mesa Boulevard, so there's that. 


  1. Weren't they hiring for a full-time position just a few months ago? Did they fill that position or is this the same position but with lower pay?

  2. Ouff...PDF at a btech startup.....have to be pretty hard up to take this, worst of industry zero benefits of a university, I imagine (though, no doubt, they've received 50+ CVs by now).

    Stock options, though...I do not know anyone who's made serious $ off of options in startup btechs.

    There is an awesome, super cheap and delicious, Vietnamese place abt 5 miles east on MM.

    1. Is it on the north side of Mira Mesa, in the one big strip mall? Then, yeah, I agree.

  3. My guess would be one just the other side of the Black Mtn road before I-15

  4. This was already posted on CraigsList last week. Look at the bottom of their HR webpage, at :

    .......We wish we could respond to all applicants individually, but there simply isn’t enough time. If we have friends in common, we suggest you have them forward us your CV along with their recommendation and we will review it with extra care and attention........