Saturday, June 27, 2015

Daily Pump Trap: 6/26/15 edition

A few of this week's C&EN Jobs posting: 

Chicago, IL: AbbVie is looking for a Ph.D. with 0-5 years or M.S. with 8 years experience for an analytical chemistry position for work on API process development.

Chattanooga, TN: Chattem Chemicals is searching for a M.S. chemist for scale-up work; 0-2 years experience desired, with cGMP experience? Yeah, that's gonna happen. 

Watertown, MA: Enanta Pharmaceuticals is looking for a Ph.D. bioanalytical chemist. 

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia: I see Saudi Aramco has posted 3 petroleum industry positions. 

"Silicon Valley, CA": DigiLens is a company searching for a development chemist who has "[d]irect, hands-on experience with organic materials including polymers or liquid crystals."

Ennis, TX: GAF is looking for an experienced chemist to work on PVC research; B.S. w/10 years, M.S. w/5 years or Ph.D. w/2 years experience desired. 

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  1. I'm impressed by the purple squirrel position at Chattem. They might be able to find someone, but it'd probably have to be from contract research. I'm imagining someone who's ex-AMRI out of AMRI's chemical development or small-scale GMP group or a similar company. (Full disclosure: I'm actually ex-AMRI and can think of a couple people who might be that sort of purple squirrel for Chattem, but an MS with only 2 years of experience who's also dealt with cGMP has got to be rare.)


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