Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"Transferable skills"

I've set myself a Google Alert for the term "transferable skills." I see a lot of usage in terms of former members of the U.S. military - here's a recent one where the fellow was a sniper team leader, and now he's involved in a window blinds business.

Interesting how these phrases come and go. 


  1. ...I was reading "widow business" - and it was making sense

  2. Snipers might have the skills to be tort lawyers.

  3. From what I can gather, this is a phrase that is now out of favor. Ridiculous.

    I would go into great depth here about current HR practices and what they are doing to the US, but there is no stopping what is happening to industry and to education in this country. It will get worse. I don't think the mechanisms for improvement are going to be adopted. It is not a good time to be skilled and/or educated - we're going through our equivalent of the Cultural Revolution. Although ours is different from the PRC's, some of the end results are likely to be similar. I suspect the US is headed for a long period of absolute skills shortage exacerbated by tuition costs, stupid employment practices, bad legislation, and forced unemployment of large numbers of highly educated/skilled professionals. The impact may be global - the economic impact in the US alone could be devastating.