Monday, June 15, 2015

Quote of the day: "Too fast, Vasily"

From one of my favorite movies, The Hunt for Red October, when Captain Ramius is running away from the Soviet fleet through a series of undersea geological formations. The navigator complains to the executive officer:
Slavin (the navigator): Too fast, Vasily. Too fast. Those charts are laid out precisely... so many knots at such and such a course for so many seconds. And this thing handles like a pig.
I love the executive officer's response: "Watch your bearing, Mr. Slavin."


  1. Having just listened to this book on CD I do not recall any such dramatic evasion scene in the book so was totally made up for the film expanding on a few details about the sub routes mapped out. Of course a great deal of the movies using the Clancy books diverge quite a bit to intro action rather than technical background built into the stories.

    1. Yep, agreed. Red Route One was in the book, but, as I recall, the Dallas basically sat and waited on the other side.

    2. ...and, IIRC, some submarine commanders preferred to run the route fast, but not Captain Ramius.