Wednesday, June 10, 2015

If you are a NMR type, do not click on this link

Source of photo
"A worker on the fluid line walked around behind the 500 carrying a welding pack with nozzle and gas tanks. He held the unit on the side of his body away from the magnet and walked as far as possible (about 3 feet) away. The field grabbed the bottles, pulled them out of his hand, and under the magnet, striking the shim plate. The force on the bottles twisted his arm behind him, and then pulled the bottles out of his hand. No one was injured."
My condolences to all involved. Guessing a replacement Bruker quote will be higher than it would have been two years ago.

(Obligatory economics joke: perhaps Bruker was paying the welder?)


  1. Im a biochemist, but I know enough to know that 500 mHz is probably a very expensive instrument (like a 1/2 million?). In retrospect, it would have helped some to completely encapsulate the NMR with cushions and a wood shealth as the room was undergoing repair.

    Glad you posted this.

  2. NMR friend makes an excellent point: good thing the tops of the cylinders did not break.

  3. I was actually thinking of seeing if I could get some NMR time at UNM to run a couple samples for work. (It's probably a 20 minute drive for me.) Guess I won't be doing that any time soon.

  4. I foresee a new specially designed BBQ in UNM's future.

    1. Maybe a new recording of "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas, Don't Be Late)."


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