Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Daily Pump Trap: 6/30/15 edition

A few of the positions posted on C&EN Jobs:

North Brunswick, NJ: Chromocell Corporation is looking for a Chemical Operations Head; Ph.D. with 10 years experience desired.

Decatur, IL: ADM looking for an experienced Ph.D. chemist to be the manager for their thermochemical catalysis program.

Irvine, CA: Interesting to see what an Allergan biologics process development position looks like; M.S./Ph.D. and a couple years of experience.

Burlington, MA: Flexion Therapeutics looking for a CMC director. B.S./M.S./Ph.D. with experience.

Dexter, MI: Never heard of Berry & Associates before, but it looks like they're looking for a bench chemist?

Little lost lamb: I see we're advertising for dental assistants now. You could tell them all about apatite and fluoroapatite. 


  1. Never knew one had to have a biochemistry degree with a background in bioinformatics to be a dental assistant.

  2. As you already know, CJ, the C&EN website currently posts advertisements which have even less to do with chemistry than that one. The word "Chemistry" does not even appear in their text.